delaying xbox one shipping


I just checked my preorder status of my xbox one and it shows that the day one edition isn't shipping out until november 29th-december 3rd despite preordering it within the first day the preorders went live. I currently have have a $200 credit for amazon which I was going to use to offset the price of it and make it more affordable, but I really want it on launch. What are my chances of finding a store that will have some non preordered ones and getting it there, waiting the week or two until my amazon one arrives and either returning the amazon one to the store where I got the first one with the bill (they should both be the same unit so that shouldn't be a problem) or selling it online (though I'd feel like a dick for buying two and selling one) Also I have a $75 store credit for the windows store that I got when preordering my surface pro 2, I was originally going to upgrade my type cover to a type cover 2 but they seem to be out of stock everywhere and I'm not sure if it is really a worthwhile upgrade. So I've been debating buying an extra controller with the charging kit, but there doesn't seem to be many games that really support split screen so I'm at a bit of a loss. Either way, I need to use this $75 in the next month or it expires.