Should Microsoft Sync SMS & Skype? -- Microsoft Domination

I think Microsoft should sync SMS, Skype, and Facebook messaging all into one. Creating a "Facetime" built into Windows (Phone, and Pro and RT) using Skype. Also creating an "iMessage" built in also. Once perfected I think Microsoft should charge a small fee to have Skype App downloaded for iOS and Android to make some money off of it. I think it would be great if Microsoft could control the mobile messaging world, imagine if everyone communicated using the Skype app, and having it sync across all devices no matter the platform. Facebook is already on top of this it seems with the new update.

This would give Microsoft quite a bit of leverage in the mobile world, controlling the main source of communicating. Video Calling, Voice Calling, Messaging, Texting. Much later in the future it can generate some revenue from the source by offering small ad texts or something of the sort (to non Windows users) - Making it slightly more attractive to grab a windows phone. - The difficulty is making it more attractive to use a windows device, instead of making another messaging app more attractive. Some expert can determine how to balance these two.

In order to do this, Skype has to be intuitive and fun to use on all platforms. It wont be easy convincing people to stop using their dedicated messaging app on a phone. It also has to offer the same features that other messaging apps offer (iMessage, Hangouts, Facebook) so that people will not have to drop features to use the new Skype.

To compete with iMessage the delivery speed has to be fast. Make use of special Emoji's, and it has to be built into Windows so "it just works" no set up required besides signing in with a Microsoft Account

To compete with Hangouts and Facebook, make it available on all platforms, and allow multi person video calling. at least have 3 way video.

I think Skype Desktop and Mobile should be redesigned making it look prettier, more elegant. Perhaps go with a colorful scheme like Nokia does. (Personal Preference - Skype Desktop - Get rid of or change the ugly topleft drop downs. reminds me of old windows)

This is just a beginning thought, Wrote it up in a few minutes to get some peoples ideas. My main goal is to strengthen the Microsoft Ecosystem. Eventually have it take over. Because I believe it has a strong chance of doing so. Taking over an area (market?) that no one dominates would be a good start, and if executed well can help solve Microsofts Public image problem.