My android transition is now complete

I switched from WP to Android exactly 3 months back.

My first ever experience with "smartphone OS" kind of thing is with iPod Touch.I used to have a nokia phone along with it.It started in 2010 and then bought an iPad in 2012 and an Android phone in 2013.Used WP for 7 months before jumping to Android.

iOS being my first OS always have a sweet spot because I am habituated to do things in "Apple/iOS way".Like many others , I also have an iTunes library.

When I switched to WP , I missed music player of iOS , So I didn't ditch my iTouch and continued to use it.Then , I jumped to Android with GS4. Again , I tried ditching my iTouch , I couldn't.


Skip to here if you don't like bla bla

What's the reason ? I miss iTunes.Yeah call me Apple fanboy but there are some things about iTunes.If you ask me one reason why I still use iTunes despite being Windows user , My one solid reason would be smart playlists and second would be iPad.

There are some other things as well.I missed syncing my "Play counts" , where iTunes syncs up songs play count from iTouch to iTunes and vice versa.

Some may be wondering "Why the hell would this guy need play counts ?" (play count = number of times a song has been played)

I create lot of "smart playlists" , that's why.So what's the link with play counts ?

let me back up a little here :

I listen to Songs in car stereo via BT streaming , I listen through ear phones , I listen through my PC.So , I don't know which device I would play music.

Sometimes I want to listen to songs which I have missed or songs which I listened to "least number of times"

So I have a smart playlist called "Least listened songs" which is updated every time on its own based on iTunes data.If I can't sync the play count across my phone , then that particular "least played" smart playlist is waste because purpose of playlist is to listen to least listened songs.

There are still lot of smart playlists based on different criteria which get updated constantly.

So , yesterday , I finally found 2 apps on playstore which do exactly what I missed , one is iSyncr and other is rocket player.

They work like charm and also sync play counts , playlists , smart playlists and it has embedded lyric support etc.

Now I can finally ditch my iTouch completely.