Will WP 8.1 bring in the most awaited App Parity?

I am glad about the fact that most big named apps are coming to Windows platform. But they are actually coming for Windows RT and Windows 8 and not Windows Phone.

Most importantly, these new apps like Facebook, Flipboard etc are coming only for Windows 8.1.

It is a known fact that WP 8.1 will have 80% of API's being shared with Win RT 8.1. So are the big App developers waiting for WP 8.1?

I have a strong feeling that we will even see an actual FB app with WP 8.1 along with flipboard on the same day.

If MS travels a bit of extra mile, they can try and support OpenGL on WP just like they did with WebGL. this move will make porting of all those of iOS and Android games a Cakewalk.