YouTube on Xbox One: A Google Dilemma?

I'm inclined to think that Google has a dilemma on its hands. On the one hand, gamers love YouTube, and already there is ongoing clamour about the absence of the website's app on both the PS4 and Xbox One.

With Google have an issue implementing a YouTube app on Windows Phone 8, and not even entertaining the issue on Windows 8, will they be able to implement a YouTube app on Xbox One? Microsoft has pretty much said "You build for one, you can build for all," across the three platforms, it essentially means that if Google decides to build an app for the Xbox One, they should be able to build for both WP8 AND W8, and cannot say otherwise.

Or, will Google brazen it out and simply refuse to build one, or let general sentiment dwell on it as a Microsoft problem?

I'm inclined to go with option three, and I think they might actually think (right or wrong) it is the reason there is no app at launch.