spotlight indexing on ExFat Volume


I'm running in a problem with an ExFat partition of an external HD. It got my attention because tagged files on this volume didn't show up in the tag view in finder. When I click on spotlight, it says that it is indexing this volume and that it is calculating the remaining time to do so.

I searched the web and did as I heard of: I excluded the volume from spotlight indexing in the system preferences and added it afterwars so that mavericks was forced to re-index it. This worked fine. Now there was a progress bar in spotlight and an actual remaining time was shown. After the bar went all the way to the right, it showed the same behavior as mentioned above. Even after several hours nothing changed.

Do you guys know anything about this? Isn't it possible to index an exfat drive in spotlight. Can't remember to have this issue unter mountain lion, though.

Thanks in advance!