Recommended large-screen Android phones

I have been using a Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920, which I like, and I want to get a larger screen phone (5-inch minimum). I am looking at the Nokia Lumia 1520 but also want to consider Android phones. I mainly use my phone for listening to music but with a larger screen phone I would also use it as an Ereader and browsing online. A good camera is important and I want it to be smooth and responsive. Frankly I would stick with Windows Phone but they don't have two apps I really want: Barnes and Noble Nook and Blue Link for Hyundai. iPhones have the apps but also tiny little screens. When I look at Android phones what turns me off is the busy interface. I don't like live wallpapers, widgets or a lot of notifications. I haven't used Google Now but the entire idea of my phone putting things on my screen it thinks I want to know sounds irritating. So my questions are 1) what large screen Android phones would you recommend? and 2) can I get a "skin" or configure the interface to make it cleaner and more like iOS or Windows Phone?