Some cable companies messing up IE Search.

My surface rt does not search Bing when searching through the address bar. If you enter a search term above the address bar suggested searches appear. If you do not select a suggested search or of there are no suggested searches the URL changes and says Bing for a second then changes to something else and a "XXXX" CABLE search results page comes up. Bing has been added as a search engine and is the default search engine. I can search through the address bar on my desktop with windows 8. This happens in the desktop browser and the metro browser. Why can't I search Bing through the address bar in windows rt?

with this issue, when you search in the address bar in IE, it redirects to the XXXX Cable search, and your results are "powered by XXXX search". on that page, there is a url "preferences", which it notes you can change if you do not want to be redirected. when you select "preferences", you are taken to a page which states that you are not allowed to change preferences.

i called XXXX cable and cust service stated that this was introduced "a week ago" they did not know how to fix it. they stated "it is not really a problem" "you can use chrome instead", "we can only modify IE which is the main browser of windows, not chrome which is supplied by a third party"

1. this is damaging to the experience of IE.

2. this is done without permission.

3. this is deceptive, since the website to which you are redirected states you are not allowed to fix the redirection.

4. this is causing your IE users to spend time searching for a solution. i spent 45 min on the phone with XXXX customer service like an idiot, then spent 5 minutes finding the solution here.

who created this redirection? XXXX?

how could anyone think this is a good idea?