"iTunes" Doesn't Really Make Sense Anymore


via cdn.cultofmac.com

Maybe this a comment that pops up every now and then and maybe it isn't. I've personally never seen it addressed.

So for the last few years Apple has expanded its media offerings tremendously, and has asked iTunes (the program) to do more and more, and asked iTunes (the store) to sell a huge variety of things. So why are we still calling the program and the store iTunes? I mean, I get why historically we called it iTunes, and I also get why they stuck with the name a while, even after "iTunes" also started managing movies, books, podcasts, books, etc. No reason to confuse customers, especially with competitors seemingly popping up out of the woodwork.

We have seen Apple Computer, Inc. become just Apple, Inc. Apple recently dropped the CD from the iTunes icon since people don't really get their music from CDs anymore (their logic, not mine, although true for a lot of people). But the iTunes name has stuck around.

I think they should continue using the name, but that the program called iTunes should be renamed, with a lighter, music based program focusing only on music playback (on windows, this could be a Windows 8 app, on Apple, it could be an Mac App Store app, on iOS, they could rename the current "Music" app iTunes). The program would access the same music library as current iTunes app as well as offer iRadio, etc. The full program for media management should still exist, but could carry a new name and work in unison with the new iTunes. The iTunes Store could also be renamed (it appears to have been renamed already in part, especially on iOS, where some types of media are now purchased through the App they're accessed with (iBooks, Podcasts) or on their own (App Store).

Basically, trying to shoehorn the "iTunes" name on everything doesn't really work anymore.

So what do you think? What could they rename the current iteration of iTunes as? iMedia? iManager? Just "Apple i"?

Should they break up media management from media playback, like they have to some degree already with the new iBooks app on the Mac? Where do they go from here for a consistent, logical user experience across all devices?