improving the comment system on the verge

i feel like the verge comments sections are becoming more and more overrun with troll post each day.

i think that this is for a big part because of the recommend system that the verge uses which in my opinion does not discourage against trolling and while i am aware that there is a report/flag button i also feel like this has a bigger mental barrier to click.

the best comment moderating system i have ever seen is a system from which encourages informative comments and discourages trolling.

tweakers system with the rating in a colored box:

-1 unwanted (troll, flame bait, insult) in a red color, the post also minimizes in order to discourage people from reading and thus reacting to it.

0 off topic/irrelevant in a dull yellow color in order to not come over as negative but at the same time to not draw the most attention.

+1 on topic in a light green color

+2 informative in a green color

+3 spotlight (comments that are essential to the topic ) in a dark green color

i don't expect you guys to just abandon your system but i just felt like i could tell and show you that there are far better systems out there because i really find that the current system is not only lacking but also encouraging trolling behavior.