What's your vision for Microsoft?

I'd like to see what's your vision about Microsoft, what do you think that is needs to be done
In my view i'd like to see these changes:
On the software side: 1. New name for windows rt
2.A more polished version of windows rt without desktop
3. Windows 9 with a metro-fied desktop
5. Touch-based office suite
6.I love the new bing logo but i think that doesn't match good with the previous ui so a clean interface without photos would be perfect!
7.A better skype
On the hardware side:1.Surface pro 11 with iris pro graphics,slimmer body 2. Surface pro 13 with nvidia gpu perfect for gaming on the go-professionals
3.redesigned lumia brand for media consuption tablets and windows phones
4. A real smartwatch not just a girlfriend for my smartphone
That's what i think is the best for microsoft. Please share your thoughts in the comments! If you are a hater then just ignore this post!
Oh and im a student from Greece so sorry for your pain in your eyes ! I'm not the best in class in english :P