Nokia make hardy phones - my experience

I own a Lumia 920

I love my phone. It's served me wonderfully in it's time but we briefly parted ways very recently. Two weeks ago, it went missing. At the end of a long day out moving from place to place, I found that it wasn't in my pocket anymore. After a lot of searching round everywhere, asking if it had been turned in all the places I'd been, having my friend search his garden, I hadn't found it and came to the eventual conclusion I had lost it while out and someone had pocketed it.

Yesterday, it showed up and was in fact in the friend's garden and had been out there for two weeks in the rainy British Autumn. It works almost perfectly.


Obviously, a phone isn't going to be in complete working order after having sat in the rain for two weeks, though it's damn close. These are the issues I've encountered so far.

At first, there was a weird glow round the top of the screen. I'm assuming that's from water trapped under the glass of the screen but over the course of the day, that's receded though and the screen's looking perfect.

In calls, the microphone doesn't seem to be working which is really unusual because it works elsewhere. Bing can still recognize music that's playing, I can still use voice dictation. Do they use a different microphone or something? Could it be that the radio's damaged or something?

The camera's got a load of bubbles of condensation under the glass that makes photos come out really weird and cloudy. Any way to quickly and safely dry it out anyone can think of?

So these unresolved problems, is there some repairs program Nokia do? I'm pretty sure the warranty's up because I've had it more than a year on EE. Can I repair it myself? I'm going to leave it in rice overnight tonight.