Mavericks - impressive Batt Life on MBA 13" mid-2012



Seems like old news but thought it would be interesting to those who hasn't upgraded yet. After about 2 weeks with Mavericks, the battery life of my MBA 13" (2012) is seriously impressive! 7 hrs with 22% left!

I usually get 4-5hrs with Mountain Lion with the same brightness settings (5/16 bars). Yet to really test it out with my MBA 11" (2012) though. You can see it's in constant use at work except during lunch break where the batt curve flattened around mid-day.

But I was doing some kind of academic-type research, so only Safari & Word was used most of the time + sparrow & mail in the background. If I'm running some work app via Parallels, I only get about 4-5 hrs though. Still better than the 3 hr I used to get with ML.