Should I return my 16GB iPad Air for the 32GB one?

Last week I bought and iPad Air to replace my iPad mini. I always preferred the larger screen and found the iPad Air's light weight impressive. I bought ithe 16GB hastily without thinking about storage size options. My plans are that I am hoping to keep this device for at least a couple of years. It's everything I want in an iPad: fast, light with a sharp, bright screen. Next year, incremental improvements will probably include touchID (which doesn't interest me) and minor performance upgrades.

So how do I or don't I use this device?

  • I browse the web a lot
  • Although I am not an app junkie, I do like to try out new apps now and then
  • Reading I like to read magazines, books etc..
  • Work: I've installed Pages and Numbers and use Google drive. I also plan to store some work docs locally
  • Videos: I use bbc iplayer and sometimes download videos to watch on the go
  • Music: I don't see this as a music device but rarely use soundcloud.
So should I swap it for the 32GB ? I just want it to be future proof and not run out of space in the next months or year or so. So far I have used just over 3GB of storage and have just under 6GB left.