Next Years' Tablets: Speed!

Thanks to an EMMC bug (with no foreseeable fix), I know my days are numbered on my present tablet. I was a 7" fanboy, but my 8.9"-er is absolutely perfect sized, and I'm hoping to start doing more remote work on a tablet.

So this is what I've been hearing about next year that has be super-hopeful, and definitely worth waiting for:

  • 64bit ARM v8-A (aka less 'bloatware' in the instruction set)
  • Samsung is moving a lot more devs to software (good for them, though I actually want a Nexus 10)
  • Google's 6 month release cycle might make ART prime-time
  • BTW, Are EMMC-TRIM bugs (a) a thing of the past (at least with Nexus devices, having learned their lesson) and (b) getting enough press so warrant them in reviews yet? Seriously, that's the #1 reason to not buy an Android tablet!

Those are just what's off top of my head that made me post.. Anything else we're looking forward to in tablet-space that makes next year the year-to-buy?