The Mac Pro Extender

Hi Everyone!

I'm not sure if some of you remember my previous post where I asked "Is the Mac Pro poorly executed?" right here:

Well, after a good conversation on this post I was wrong.

The problem that I see though is that the Mac Pro is aimed at the complete top of the professionals, the ones with an already existing infrastructure and network. I still know a lot of guys, including me, working in studios that needs optical disks, SD card from the fleet of Canon C300s and that have a lot of stuff to plug in to extend the Mac Pro to the basic requirements.

I think I have a solution!


Behold the Mac Pro Extender.

Let's not judge my Photoshop skills here (that is actually Adobe Fireworks), but the idea is to give users the choice to have more functionality, without compromising the core product. Everybody wins! You can't lose if your core product is unaffected for your target audience, but the professionals just under them have a solution that is integrated. And... MORE MONEY!


The Extender would add an Optical Drive, SDXC reader and two additional USB 3.0 port.

The Optical Drive would fit nicely inside and SD card is what most people are using in studios since that whats DSLRs and some camcorders (C300, 1DX, Pocket Cinema Camera) are using. Adding those two already clears two big bulky things to plug and have around the Mac Pro. The Two additional USB ports is to make sure that if you plug a Hard Drive, External Sound Card, USB Keyboard and USB Mouse that you don;t need to use a USB hub of shame on a desktop workstation.

For the displays, it's easy to get an adapter and let's not forget that you are buying an integrated Apple workstation that is made to be small.

I know some of you think that I'm a hater and that I just wanted to bash the Mac Pro for no reason, but that is untrue. I only aim for better products and things everyone can enjoy, I just wanted to understand who the Mac Pro was aimed for at the first place.


Why aim for a little audience when you can get a lot more buyers without compromising your core product, I think that you are never wrong when you give more options!

If you want you can look at my original post here: