I switched from an S4 to a Lumia 925 and it's terrible

I had a Galaxy S4 like a couple months ago. I sold it and purchased a 32GB Edition of the Nokia Lumia 925, I've had it for only three days and I've been playing with it constantly. I've skim and scanned almost the whole store to make sure i have the most popular and more importantly useful apps (there aren't many) cause i like the thought of having useful apps on my phone to use anytime i may need it. Nokia overall has done great with this phone. The design beats the HTC One with it's metal edges and backplate and my previous S4 doesn't even compete. The camera is top quality just as they market it. And the display is just wow, it looks plain and stale when you view it on pictures but when you have it in your hands you really get to see it's qualities. The problem with Nokia Lumia 925 is as always, Windows Phone. It seems the ONLY problem with Nokia Lumia Phones is Microsoft. Nokia makes quality meticulously designed phones and if the Nokia Lumia 925 was running Android i wouldn't even think twice about buying it. (I really thought hard before chosing to buy the phone, i read a lot of positive comments here on the tribe about windows phone and how it's growing and would be better as time passes)

Before i write an essay let me list ALL my current problems I'm having with Windows Phone;

The Phone (Calling/Contacts) App

The dialing app only shows the history of people you've recently contacted, to access my contact list i have to tap on the contact-like icon on the bottom, delightful, but then i tap on it and all i get is a collaboration of all my social network 'contacts' from Twitter, Facebook, Outlook and other stuff that i don't need but i was able to filter all of that out of the contacts. I then tried to add a number and a name to my contact list like you would do on ANY NORMAL FKIN PHONE, and it won't show on the contact list, Microsoft wants me to link my contacts with FKIN facebook or some social network site other before it can show on my contact list A.K.A 'Peoples app'.

App store

This topic has been covered so many times so theres no problem even bothering. I don't know how MS are going to get developers to be committed to coding apps for Windows Phone. Statistically only 40% of developers are interested in developing for WP. The only good thing about the app store that it has a fair amount of games. AND another problem some websites can't even recognize the I.E app as mobile and load mobile webpage.


The UI is stale and boring, i'd much more prefer it if Microsoft kept each icon unique with it's own colours and design instead of letting the theme colour overwrite all the core apps (and some from the app store). The colour on black (or white) is not enough. We need to able to set backgrounds

The deep black backgrounds seemed cool and elegant at first but it just gets boring overtime. I'd advise you to not recommend Windows Phone to anyone with depression because those sad dark deep background might just drive them to suicide. In my opinion in needs a design overhaul and be friendly to users. I handed my phone to friend to take a picture and he shouted this 'WHAT KIND OF ALIEN PHONE IS THIS' (I had grey theme on aswell to help the case).

Another problem with the UI is the space it wastes, especially in certain apps when SPACE is required to view more content. The music app is a prime example (both Nokia Music and Xbox Music). A Large FKIN text spelling album or songs at the top of the display then you have this tiny space to scroll and look for your music, it's like Microsoft designed their OS for pensioners WE'RE NOT BLIND, oh did i mention you can't even search for it? Implementing search in music somehow is an impossible task for Microsoft which leads to my last problem.


Windows Phone lacks so many basic features it can't even be compared to iOS and Android.

First of you can't set a custom ringtone. You CAN'T SET A FUCKING custom ringtone, HOW PATHETIC IS THAT?.

Secondly, there's no rotation lock.

You can't set a background on your homescreen.

You can't close apps from the multi-tasking view.

No Notification center. I could go on.

Apparrently this Update 3 has come out that adds some of these but it hasn't even showed up in my phone update when i checked.

Windows Phone is responsive and smooth most of the time. It seems to be more like iOS than Android with it's responsiveness cause we all know Android even lags on the S4 with quad core processor and 2GB RAM. It's Microsoft that are not helping WP sales not Nokia. Implementing something as simple as custom tones is an impossible job for the Redmond team. I'm thinking of switching to an iPhone 5S Gold /32GB version. To me Windows Phone is still an OS in beta testing mode and you never know when MS will fuck their users and dump them just like they did with WP7.