Just bought Surface 2. Good deal at Microsoft Store.

I just got back form buying a 32gb Surface 2 from the Microsoft Store. When I went in to purchase the guy let me know about a deal they apparently just started I wasn't previously aware of.

When buying Surface 2, for another $200 you get:

  • Type Cover 2
  • Touch Cover
  • Accidental Damage Protection for 2 or 3 years (He says when the new ones come out- I can come in, pour water on my Surface, and get the new one for the price difference)
  • A carrying case (Anything under $50)
  • A $25 gift card to Windows/WP store
  • Unlimited Tech support (meh)

Anyways, so far this thing is pretty nice. Not super fast when you get the mouse involved and start having drop down menus on websites and stuff, but generally very snappy with things compared to the Clovertrail hybrid I was using before.

Type Cover 2 is really cool with the backlighting and the proximity/light sensor. Touchpad tracks really well with the Precision Touchpad.

The screen isn't "retina" class but its pretty nice. Great contrast and colors.

Build quality is pretty good. The plastic piece on top is the sore spot for me, but it isn't bad.

Annoyed my Sprint USB wireless stick doesn't work on Windows RT though. That's my biggest gripe so far actually.

PS - Surprised by people's views of Surface brand now when they would hear Im thinking of/am getting a Surface they were very positive about it (Including Apple people).