iPhone user looking to switch (Verizon)

I've been using iPhones of various flavors and sizes since the original unit came out back in 2007. I've had my iPhone 5 for a year now, and despite it being a good phone in most respects, I've gotten rather bored with it recently. I'm not planning on switching carriers (have too good of a deal though my job to consider switching), so I'm left to choose between the Moto X, S4, Note 3, G2, or the HTC One. I think I'm leaning towards the X more than any, mostly due to being able to hold the phone in one hand and the lack of a custom UI layer like all the others have, but I have my concerns about the camera and battery life, as many others seem to as well. I'd also like to hear what anybody who's switched from iOS would recommend to ease the transition.