Microsoft Windows 8.1

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Reviewed by alexhyman (Currently owns)

Works really well, 8.1 is great over all. As feature rich as Windows has ever been. Performance is great. The ability to run whatever apps I want is great. Ecosystem is only lacking in the mobile game department (and lacking it is). I have 8.1 on my desktop (where I never miss any apps) and also on a tablet (where I wish that there were more free games). If I could give half points, I totally would. Ecosystem would be a 9.5. Don't think it's quite at a 10 yet (especially on the Metro side) but having a desktop browser largely takes care of all of that (though not always on a tablet). Gestures are awesome, so is snapping. And sharing. All of the built in apps have been majorly improved. I actually use Music every now and then, and Reading List is awesome (only wish that I could use it on the desktop....). All in all, great. Not 100% perfect, would rate at a 9.5/10, but that rounds up to a 10 I guess.

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  • Design 9
  • Features 10
  • Performance 10
  • Ecosystem 9
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