Fantasy Acquisitions

Hey folks, I'm sure this has been done to death in the Tribe already but I thought it would be fun, in the spirit of buy-out rumours, to name a list a few of your dream acquisitions you'd like to see Microsoft complete.

Let's try and keep it on planet Earth by being realistic and providing reasons for why such an acquisition would make sense. Where it would fit within the strategies of the 'new Microsoft'? What implications it would have on your current experience with the product being acquired? How it would impact the industry at large? How about just the technology instead of the whole company?

For example, my dream purchase recently came true with the Nokia talent/infrastructure acquisition. Why am I happy about it? Because of the sheer passion for innovation Nokia brings into the tech world, not to mention my long, nostalgic history with Nokia mobiles. I'm glad Nokia get to remain as a company and would love to see them get back into the phone business one day soon.

Hell, what acquisitions do you think our friends over at Cupertino and Mountain View could make that would force MS to turn up their innovation and take our tech lives to level 9000?