Nexus 7 - Is it for me?

I posed this question in another thread and never really got an answer. And, well, I'm seriously considering this now. So, if you'll endure an excessively detailed account of my current technological situation, I'd love to hear your opinions.

Things I have now: iPhone 5S, Mid-2013 13" Macbook Air, Late 2012 27" iMac. I use Gmail for e-mail, but use mostly iCloud services right now (save for things like Dropbox).

I used to have an iPad 3, but I never used the thing. I just found it too big and heavy for what I used it for, so I sold it. When the iPad Mini was released, I loved its size and weight, but I couldn't get over the screen. I told myself that once they released a Retina version, I'd be all over that. As you're likely well aware of, that happened fairly recently. And... I don't really feel like it. Why?

My intended tablet use is fairly basic. In app terms, Kindle (this is where my old iPad fell rather flat... I'm using a Kindle right now), general surfing, gmail, calendars, Dropbox, Evernote, Netflix... and that's about it. I don't care about games. I doubt I'll be putting any music on it. In all likelihood, my iPhone and Macbook Air will remain my go-to devices, and the tablet will still be a supplement. Unlike my iPhone, there are no iOS exclusive apps that I really care about. So, the idea of spending 420 bucks for a 16gb wifi Retina iPad Mini doesn't sit too well. On the other hand, a similar Nexus 7 is comparatively dirt cheap and appears to have been quite well received.

So, what I'm wondering from you folks: How well do you think a Nexus 7 would fit into my current setup? I've never really operated within multiple ecosystems, so I'm not really sure what to expect here. I'd be willing to switch a few more things over to my Google account (calendars, contacts) to help things along. But, I still quite like my iPhone and Macs and don't feel like compromising my experience with those just to accommodate a Nexus 7. Has anyone done roughly what I'm doing? How did it work for you?

My own analysis indicates that this will probably go just fine. But, some external opinions are always useful.

Thanks in advance!