Weather Apps for the iPad: Why Do They Suck?

I just picked up an retina iPad Mini as a companion for my recently procured iPhone 5S. The first thing I noticed is that Apple still doesn't have stock apps for Stocks, Calculator, and Weather. I've replaced Stocks with Stock Market HD and Calculator with Calculator X Pro. On my Nexus 7, a weather app was never an issue because I had a widget with the current weather conditions and five-day forecast. On my iPad, however, I find myself looking for more weather info than is offered by the Today screen.

I've come to one realization as I looked through the app store for a new weather app to be front and center on my home screen: I've become spoiled by Apple's iOS 7 design philosophy. Most of the weather apps on the top of the charts either look atrocious, are pre-iOS 7 in design, or both. I want something useful, clean (borderline minimalist, like Apple's iPhone weather app), and easy on the eyes. The ones that seem passable (, WeatherBug) feature ads that I can't find a way to get rid of, or offer way more info than I need. I'd be more than willing to pay for a clean weather app for my iPad.

So what weather apps do you guys use on your iPads?