HTC can make the perfect phone next year.

I really like the HTC one but I still would not buy it for myself because it has a few deal breaking flaws. However these flaws are actually not difficult to fix if HTC really wants to. When I look at all the phones around the HTC one comes of as closest to perfection. This is what HTC needs to do in the next flagship for it to be nearly perfect for me.

1. Place the power button on the side. Looking at the one max I think HTC has finally understood this.

2. Don't make the volume and power button so freaking flush with the body, these buttons are very commonly used and really need to have proper click feedback.

3. Either adopt on-screen buttons or give 3 capacitive buttons at the front. Android just isn't made for 2 button navigation however you slice it.

4. Make the phone charge faster dammit!!! HTC one charges like a turtle and it really isn't acceptable especially given that the battery size is fairly limited also. HTC phones have traditionally have had very slow charging and its about time HTC did something about it.

Now surely these are not difficult things are they? And they make perfect sense if you ask me.

I would rather have front stereo speakers than a slightly bigger screen. HTC can keep the same design for at least another generation. I would rather have class leading audio hardware than the best camera and I am sure HTC will improve a little bit on the camera which will make it pretty good. All I need is a "good" camera nothing more. HTC already makes one of the best screens in the business so that wont be an issue.

Now I know some people are gonna say they need SD slot and removable battery. If you ask me I would off course rather have those options than not having them but its not a deal breaker for me by any means. Some people would also say that the perfect phone needs a massive battery and I would agree but I honestly don't think that its happening. Companies will continue to prefer thinness over battery capacity.

So basically I am keeping things realistic and believe HTC can really at least become the undisputed enthusiast phone if they can make these small but very important changes next year.

However there is one issue I didn't discuss yet and that happens to be a challenging problem for HTC. Improve the quality control the HTC one has been near a disaster in that and its really unfortunate. HTC phones have been quite reliable in the past but ever since the one X they have lost that quite a bit. I believe by keeping the same design HTC is in a better position to make sure the hardware does not suffer the same problems as its predecessor.