Brief Impressions of the PS4

So, despite the initial hiccups, my impression of the PS4 is largely positive. The hardware is great (it's smaller and quieter than my PS3), the controller is great, the software is simple but fast, and a big improvement over the PS3's interface. There's lots of small touches here and there, and the overall package is larger than the sum of its parts.


- Killzone: Shadow Fall is exactly what I expected; a mildly entertaining tech demo. It mostly just makes me crave a next-gen Fallout and Mass Effect. Especially Fallout. Yum.

- Assassin's Creed 4 is also exactly what I expected; an awesome, open-world pirate game shoe-horned into the Assassin's Creed Universe. Really though, I could care less about the story at this point, and I get to be a pirate. Multiplayer is also quite fun, as always. Between a vast open world in single player and addicting multiplayer, this is the launch game I anticipate I'll be playing the most.

- Need for Speed: Rivals was the surprise. I mostly grabbed it because of Amazon's buy-one-get-one-free deal, but it's actually really, really fun. The Cops/Racers thing is a nice twist, and the always-online-if-you-want open world works well. It's pretty entertaining to troll racers as a cop. I do think it's stupid that it lacks local multiplayer, though.

Speaking of which, that's my biggest complaint so far - no real good local multiplayer games. TowerFall can't come soon enough.