XBox One comes with an ecosystem of apps and games. "Thats a problem" - The Verge.

I am amused by the fact that The Verge is manufacturing complaints about XBox One that it contains ‘too many’ features! Because they have decided to support "anything" but a Microsoft product; therefore, having an ecosystem of apps and features are now a bad thing for XBox One.

PC is the best gaming device in the history of mankind. However, it also has an unparalleled app ecosystem. PC has proven that games and apps can co-exist to build a wonderful ecosystem. And XBox One should be able to have that.

Im afraid Nilay will come with the review, where Skype calls, TV Integration, IE pages will be depicted as distracting for the gamers. I wonder why the PC gamers have no complaints about these issues. To the best of my knowledge (worst case scenarios) email notifications, game recording and sharing, download popups, Skype calls, Google Talk, FaceBook chat message notifications, Web -browser, background torrents etc. have never prevented the avid gamers from enjoying their favorite games.

Furthermore, all of these XBox One features are optional to use. If its distracting or not working for you, do not use it. But the features are there for those who need them. Its what an ecosystem stands for; a wealth of features for people that need them.