So at first I thought it was just me. But now I am finding out even after the Apple fix, Mac Mail still has problems. I use gmail, wish I didn't have to but must for work. Oh, well so here is the deal....

For me, issues with Smart Mailboxes seems to be a real problem.

For instance I have Smart Mailboxes set up to show all mail from a point in time. Like all mail today, or this week, etc.

Well, if I am composing an email, and make edits before sending. Each edit shows up in my Smartmail box as a separate email. Essentially making that mailbox pointless and bloated with versions of one email! As it's now full of tons of emails that are not actually emails but points in time while composing an email. So 10 edits would create 10 emails in that mailbox. Things can quickly pile up.

I have other issues too. Like it can take a whole hour to get an email after my gmail account actually got it.

As I said before, I am not alone. I am wondering why a company with $130 billion in cash cannot find a solution to this. Or do they even want to? I'd like to believe that this is something that can be fixed!

How about you? Any issues? I know some people are jumping ship to alternatives....Postbox, etc. I am just about to myself.