iOS 7 has an alignment problem

Disclaimer: I'm someone who's particularly OCD about perfect alignment in design. I don't expect everyone to care as much as I do, and this post isn't to convince you alignment is paticularly important, but intead just to draw attention to the fact that the general attention to detail Apple usually has isn't as present in iOS 7.

Those are the kind of things that annoy me every time I use my iPhone. It's getting hard to find a single app/screen that doesn't have a single alignment problem, and if you're slightly OCD about it, you generally "cannot unsee" them. Whether it's inconsistent margins, slightly uncentered content, or dimensions that you'd normally expect to be identical just for the sake of symmetry, those are all small things that while barely noticeable individually, would collectively help make iOS 7 seem like a prettier OS, even if it's unconsciously.

I'm not talking about alignment problems in obscure sections of the OS nobody ever goes to either, most of what I've noticed is actually in the apps people tend to use every single day. Navigation bar titles are pretty much never aligned with the status bar clock. That tilted text that replaces missing covers in Music is never centered properly on either axes. Navigation bars buttons are just placed without any consistent margin. Stuff that should be perfectly symmetric simply is not.

Here's a collection of screenshots I took from the latest stable version (7.0.4):

I think the worst is that iOS 7 is so clean and simple. Gone are the complex bitmap images and textured backgrounds as well as most 3D effects. For a lot of apps, that leaves us with not much other than a white background with text and a few minimal icons. For this reason, alignment and general attention to detail matters more because you have nothing else to focus on.

You'd have expected Apple designers to have more time to fine-tune these small details now that they don't have to take the time to make complex bitmap images and realistic (Pixar-esque) icons. Nope, it's just horrible for a consumer release of that size (~350M users), especially for a company that prides itself on design...

Here's to hope iOS 8 will be more polished.

Edit: Adding screenshots of with narrow navigation bar title labels to show misalignment is even worse: