In your opinion, what's the most mis-reviewed device on TheVerge?

Don't get me wrong - I'm not apart of the flaming community that thinks theverge is wrong, biased, and evil when it comes to reviews (and Microsoft products). I generally agree with the staff, and only sometimes think there is bias and or inflation/deflation of scores or sentiments. I do appreciate their insight too, and have been impressed with a number of reviews, and less impressed with others.

That being said, what do you think is the most mis-reviewed score on theverge? Both "too high" and "too low" scores are fair game of course.

I'll start - the chromebook pixel was laughably high at a 7.5. If you account price (which every review should), and ecosystem, IMO that thing deserved a 6.0 TOPS. Shame on theverge for giving it a 7.5, higher than many great products (Surface 2???).

From there, I think I only have a few nitpicks. I think the MBA 2013 only deserved 8.5 at best because of its subpar screen in 2013. Literally, its screen is LOW END now. Additionally, it only got an incremental boost in power (1.3ghz clock speed - slloooowwww).

What do you guys think?