Already bored with the consoles - the upgrades to the oculus will leave them in the dustbin of history

First, check out this talk at the latest AMD event.

He is mainly talking about the promise and challenges of bringing oculus to the consumer space, but the talk about bringing down latency is extremely interesting. They want to go from the current ~50ms latency to ~15ms latency, and they can get there with some dev tricks on the software side, and better panels on the hardware side. The key is that it looks like lcds are not good enough for future oculus devices, they need to go oled for the sub 1ms pixel response time (lcds more like 12ms by comparison).

To you lcd lovers? get over it, oled is the future of vr according to this guy if they can't get that latency down. Another interesting tidbit? He was throwing out idealized resolutions for the screens for vr at 8-12k resolution before we hit some visual plateau.

Do you know what this means? ALL that talk about how smartphone resolutions are fine at 1080p need to be thrown out of the window. Is it fine? Yes. But we need these guys to keep plodding forward on the screen resolution front so we can get higher res panels for use in these vr headsets.

To drive all this graphical prowess you need extremely powerful graphics, and the consoles are not up to snuff. The pc's will be.