Latest Google Now update

After doing the update to the latest google now, i am missing a key feature. The ability to refresh. It used to be under the 3 dot menu.

Am i missing something here? How do i refresh the cards now? Yesterday I was an hour away from home and i wanted to check how long it would take me with live traffic.. The card showed 11 mins and a location close to my house. It wasn't updated. There was no way for me to update it. I checked all the settings, tried everything i could think of.

How do I update the card? I know I can click the card to go into Maps but that's not what i want. I want to be able to refresh the card.

This is a deal breaker for me if i can't manually update the traffic card. It'll stop me from using Google now because this was my most used feature. I always check which route to take during rush hour by refreshing when i'm close by. Without this, google now is useless to me and i will disable it to save on battery. So please tell me how to do this.