The End… and the Beginning

A lot of people are happy about Nokia being sold to Microsoft, quite a few are sad. I’m in the middle. Nokia being sold ends the end of an era, a well know brand being taken away from the public eye. But with Microsoft comes money and resources.

I only see one problem and that is uncertainty. Nokia brought many things to the table that Microsoft didn’t with Windows Phone. Accessories, apps, partnerships, marketing and hardware. Will that change? Nokia Music and Xpress Browser are two of the main things I think will be phased out, due to Nokia Music competing (and having its own subscription) with Xbox Music, and Microsoft having Internet Explorer already. I hope that all the best features of Nokia Music get moved into Xbox Music for Windows Phone, Windows 8, web, iOS and Android, it would be a great way to boost the service.

I like to see Nokia at the top of my phone (which is a smartphone, not a Lumia) and will be sad when the option is no longer there. I also don’t know what will happen to Asha (which has its own separate store) or the feature phones. Will Lumia continue to compete in a range of markets, like Samsung, vs. the Apple model of 1 phone per year? Will Lumia tablets continue to sell alongside the Surface tablet? Although they run the same operating system, they offer different things to the user.

I look forward to what Microsoft and Nokia can bring to the table with Window RT and Windows Phone. As much as I will miss Nokia as a brand and a collection of great minds, I can only see things going up in the future.