LG Nexus 5

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Reviewed by SinaTheCake (Currently owns)

I've used the Nexus 5 for a few weeks and, based on my experience with the Nexus 4, it's a worthwhile successor. However, I've had several problems with it. On my first N5, there was a dead pixel and the paint job quickly eroded on the back. I'm currently on my second N5 so far, but two things have carried on between both N5s: a horrible camera and one of the worst speakers I have ever seen. The speaker can get easily muffled if you hold your finger it (this happens a lot for me in racing games, such as Real Racing 3). The camera, like with most Nexus phones before it, offers only a meh experience. It's fine if you have a professional studio setup to shoot with, but if good luck trying to get a good picture if you're shooting in day-to-day life. In addition, the whole process from pressing the "shutter" button to saving the picture takes about 1.5 seconds more than the iPhone, which is embarrassing. Nevertheless, if you can get past those two fatal flaws, this is a near perfect phone. The performance is one of the best I've seen in any phone, period. The display is drop dead gorgeous. KitKat is a joy to use. The off contract price is a steal.

As long as you don't care about speakers or cameras, this phone is a must buy.

The Breakdown

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  • Design 6
  • Display 9
  • Camera(s) 4
  • Reception / call quality 8
  • Performance 10
  • Software 10
  • Battery life 9
  • Ecosystem 7
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