TheVerge review score you disagree with the most?

I generally agree with what TheVerge has to say, and have been quite impressed with a number of their reviews. But just due to differences in perspective and opinion, there are of course a handful that I disagree with.

Assuming that most of you have felt similarly, which review did you think was the most off? All fanboys welcome; I myself am windows phone user so there you go.

For me, there's only one review that seems really off: the chromebook pixel. That pitiful product has sold next to none, and I'm sure that's no surprise, even to google. In fact I'd say even Google knew that this product was more a symbol than anything that was meant to be purchased or used. Yet TheVerge gave it a 7.5, above the surface and other notebooks. Sheesh. That price, combined with the limitations of chrome OS, and subpar internals+battery life.... that should have got a 5.0 tops.

The rest are only minor quibbles. I did think the Macbook Air 2013 was inflated, since its screen wasn't updated - why should it be considered the king of ultrabooks on theverge when its screen is actually low end? Plus its power (1.3ghz) is incredibly weak. I'm a fan of microsoft and I'll say that touch screens on competing ultrabooks have started to gain traction - it is the future. The Macbook Air is a last-year product; a good last year product but it's silly they didn't change it, not even the screen which I thought was a given. Deserved 8.5ish IMO.

On the other hand, I also think that the surface 2 should have gotten higher, but I won't speak much to it. I also think that the iPhone 5 + iPads should have been docked for iOS 7 being slow. Seriously it lags like android 4.0, that's a big negative!

Lastly, I'll conclude with the Lumia 900 review by Josh Topolski - I thought that this was one of the most insightful and accurate reviews.