Our Videography; Our Critiques

the most interesting spot on theVERGE for me definitely is selfprofessedgeek's weekly critique thread. It's just fun seeing the great shots of the community, and how everyone comes up with new creative ideas that get your own constructive motor going again, causing you to collaborate as well. It's like a disease, really. (:

Now I wanted to ask who of you guys are also interested in videography.
I, for my part, just recently got into it, and with my first "intentional" work, wanted to know where you have problems with it, or maybe even like it... And perhaps share your own stuff you happen to have uploaded somewhere.

Basically I was testing my new Voigtlander 40mm f/1.4 by shooting some random samples, and endet up editing them into a kind of fan-made Music-Video.
The problem that I think people could have with it is the over-enthusiastic editing at times, which especially in the darker parts of the Video, endet up a little distracting.
I love it, though, because it makes it feel Kind of disco-ish. Nonetheless I'd recommend you not to watch it in full-screen-mode if you happen to be delicate for photosensitive epilipsy or stuff like that. Maybe you disagree and it's OK.

Everything was shot wide wide open at f/1.4 causing intentional softness at times, and definitely a shallow depth of field throughout. I used it on my Canon EOS M with a Leica M Adapter, and a cheapo tripod.

So what do you think, and what Kind of Videos do you make? Please let me know and share if you're into that stuff as much as I am! (: