Android quirks - Part 2

Part 1 here.

I don't like the GMail app on Android. I use the new tabbed inbox view in web GMail but on mobile I'd like to get my emails in a single unified mailbox.

I've 2 GMail + 1 + 1 Work email accounts. I'd like to receive them all in an unified mailbox with everything on push (not delayed by 15 mins or more).

Apps I tried and their compatibility with different accounts are mentioned below.

Stock Email & Corporate Email (Office 365) - Supports push (EAS).

GMail - No push. Only syncs 15 mins or slower. WTF?

K9 Mail

GMail - Supports push (IMAP IDLE) - No push. Only syncs 15 mins or slower. ( does not support IMAP IDLE currently)

Corporate Email (Office 365) - Does not support.


GMail - Obviously. Supports push. & Corporate Email (Office 365) - Just kidding here.

Net result is that I cannot use a single email app for all my emails (with instant email notifications) in Android.

It works like a charm in both iOS (Mail supports GMail with Exchange) and Windows Phone (all works from stock email app).

Why Google? Simplest way to resolve this is by allowing stock Email app to support IMAP IDLE.