What the iOS 7 icons would look like if Apple paid attention to gradients and flat design.

No, this is not another "This is what the icons should be" post. This is just an design decision idea and a dirty mockup based on it.

I'll admit it: I like the new iOS 7 icons. The only thing that bothers me about them is the lack of respect towards certain design decisions. Some of the icons have flat, one color looks; others have gradients. And the ones that have gradients are messed up too. Some of the gradients are reversed, meaning the icon looks pushed in instead of sticking out like it should. Also, some of the icons have steep gradients that look really strange.

I created a quick mockup of what the icons would look like if they were fixed this way. Note that this is NOT a mockup of what I think the icons should be, it's just an idea by slightly modifying the current ones.


Please note that this is an extremely crude, rough rendering, so there are a few shark edges and whatnot here and there. I just wanted to express a general idea. I based the gradient steepness on the Messages icon.

It looks really nice for some apps like Mail and Weather, and I kind of messed up a lot for apps like Maps. But it definitely looks a lot more consistent.

What do you think? Give constructive criticism only please.