Some small problems with Windows 8.1

Before I start I must admit that I'm pleasantly surprised by Windows 8.1. I updated mostly because of some of the performance gains and was quite worried about the Modern UI. But it's actually pretty good, even though there are some occassional headaches.

However I do have some problem with customizing the start screen and making it look how I want, here's a bunch of questions that some of you can hopefully shed some light on. Cheers!


  • Is there any way to control what certain widgets display? Especially the weather widget, it somehow always defaults to Stockholm which is about 600 km from where I live and not very helpful :) I've set my home/favorites to cities nearby but the live tile doesn't seem to pick up these before I open the app. I've tried a handful other weather apps but their live tiles mostly look crap, sadly.
  • Is there any way to create alternate tiles for application icons? Most of the icons look horrible and out of place on the start screen. At least I've managed to find an app that can produce alternate icons for steam games.
  • This last question is a bit unrelated. I have an Apple Wireless Keyboard which I haven't been able to pair with Windows 8.1. Have anyone here had any luck in pairing this keyboard with Windows 8.1 yet?