Inside the Mind: Upgrade from iPad 2 to iPad Air

Yesterday, I upgraded from an iPad 2 to the new iPad Air. It was a somewhat impulsive decision, as I was still happy with the form factor and performance of my 2. I watch all the apple announcements and was impressed with the air, but unlike buying new phones, iPads aren't subsidized down to $200 price points. I dismissed the launch and figured I'd wait another generation or two.

The seed was planted: I walked into Target over lunch, who was promoting the Air pretty heavily. Already have forgotten about the release date, thanks to there still being no review by the Verge, the hype in the store re-piqued my interest. When I got home I decided to look at the numbers.

The numbers: My iPad 2 was 32GB/Cellular. I figured, I would want something no worse than I already have, right? So I looked up the price... $729, and not in stock according to Target's app. Too much for an impulse purchase. What would I be willing to spend? Couple hundred dollars at most. 16GB was listed on-sale for $479. 16GB? Would that be enough storage? What would it be after my discounts? I whip out my Target App to check the balance of my gift card. Bam $60. Not bad. Combine that with my 10% off as a Target employee and an additional 5% for having a Target RedCard. $479 - 15% ($72) - $60 = $347. Ok, we're getting close...

The Justification: I popped open my settings app on my 2, clicked on usage... Could I survive on 16 GB? Hmm, only 3 GB free space remaining out of 32. Crap!. But how? 90% of the time I use my iPad as a reading device and for surfing the web. A few apps/games here and there. Photos/Video? Nope, most of that content is on my iPhone. Oh yeah... Movies. I usually download a few movies when flying... Sure enough, 5 full length HD movies. I don't need to house more than two at a time, right? Ok, I could live with 16GB, but what about no cellular. I originally bought cellular because I rode the bus to work, and that was up to 1.5 hours a day of connected/portable bliss. But now I drive & pretty much only use it on wifi. Could I survive only having internet on my phone while on trips... Disconnected from wifi? Hotels have wifi, airplanes have wifi, airports have wifi... Hmm.

Back to the numbers:

Ok, $347... Not bad. Smaller, lighter, faster, and clearer (retina). Still to much... What can I get for selling my iPad? I don't use craigslist or eBay, seems like too much hassle. How about, Gazelle? I recently had sold my iPhone 4S to Gazelle for $185. First time I had used their service... But was impressed by its simplicity. They state a price, if you're willing to sell it, they'll send you a box with postage. Mail it back and they'll pay you immediately via PayPal. Slick. Look up my iPad 2. $185. Hmm, seems a bit low... So search eBay and it appears they're going for about $300. Hmm, with their fees... The hassle of starting there... Doesn't jive with my impulse purchase. $347 - $185 = $163 Bingo, we made it to my acceptable impulse purchase price range. I use the device at least an hour every day, essentially my primary house computer... That breaks down to roughly 50 cents a day. How could I NOT purchase it? :)

The review: Definitely appreciate how light it is... And most of all, the retina screen. Two thumbs up.