OSX, Flash, Sliverlight and a bag of pain

So I have used OSX before but only at work, where I had my device docked at all times and never really cared how bad flash was. But I recently got my rmbp 13" and it amazing, I can easily get 10hours battery life, expect if I load anything that uses either flash or sliverlight.

I was watching a few Nexus 5 hands on last night and my battery went form 8hours to 2 hours, and the device for the first time got extremely hot. I thought it was a chrome issue since it is getting bloated these days so I tested it on Safari and it was a bit better but mostly just as bad.

Earlier today I watched something on Netflix and I think I got 2hours from 100% before I needed to plug in again.

So I'm here asking wth is going on, I've never noticed this on windows, is it OSX issue, or something wrong on my device.