Lazy developers

More often than not I'm trying to find an app for some very basic function only to be confronted with the reality. 90% of them are functionally the same, with some custom tabs and minimal design choices. Some have more features but look horrible, some have less features but look alright, some have both and actually cost money, and, very, very few are actually original and try to explore new boundaries.

Let me give a few examples. Mobile browsers. They are basically all the same, the same functions, the same clunky interface, themes, quick launchers or whatever they choose to call them. And all of them suck at tab switching, tab closing, navigation, simply because they are all doing the exact same thing. And the biggest problem is that if you haven't used anything better, you don't realize how bad they really are.

Another example is music players. But here, unlike browsers, I have yet to find something that actually works the way I would expect it to work. And there are so many crappy and horrible players out there. It's just mindblowing that no one has put two and two together to make a truly competent app. I've found about half a dozen app that use the exact same template, with just a little change to mix things up.

But maybe I'm asking too much. I'm just tired of feeling like rummaging through rubbish every time I try to find something half decent in the Play Store.