Dell Venue 8 Pro Remarks

Hi all,

My GF's lil' sister just got a Venue 8 Pro and I had some time to play with it last night, so I thought I'd share a few remarks.

To start, it looks and feels great. The rough back is nice, but we put it in a case so won't have much effect. The case has a plastic frame that the tablet sits in. The location of the Windows button is debatable. I think it's fine that it's on the side, but it's right around the corner from the power button, so it might be annoying for some. The charms Windows button is probably easier to access.

One of my grievances is the stylus. It works very well and is very precise in both OneNotes (TwoNotes?). However, it does not have an eraser at the end (a HUGE downfall, IMO). In the desktop OneNote, I pinned the eraser and one of the thicker pens to the quick access bar. The standard, default pens are VERY thin on the 8" tablet. Also, the stylus doesn't work in the Fresh Paint app. I'm not sure about other apps. It does require a single AAA battery, which isn't a huge deal.

The performance overall is very snappy. It stuttered a little once while typing and I had to wait for the letters to catch up. Snapped apps look fine, but the usefulness might be somewhat diminished due to the screen size.

I think overall it's a really, really great little tablet with a pretty reasonable price.