What blogs are you following?


Lately I've been wanting to read more about photography so I have been trying to find a good photography blog to follow. Here's what I'm looking for:

  1. Nice design. I want it to be professional in the same way that The Verge feels. I have been looking at Lightstalking for example, and that site has really fallen down the ugly tree and hit every branch coming down. It's so ugly I can't bring myself to read anything there.
  2. A good mix of news / articles. One of my biggest issues with photography blogs are that they are too niched. I want a good mix of tech news. I want professional video reviews of cameras, lenses and equipment. I want cool tutorials and portfolio reviews by expert photographers. I want inspiration. I want travel guides with tips on cool locations. Basically I want a great mix of everything.
  3. Active community. It would be great if the site had a nice forum with active users who is passionate about photography, technology and creativity.
  4. A bit of a personality. I really love Josh, Nilay and Paul. I also love that guy on the Digitalrev youtube channel. They are great on air personalities and I would love an equally strong blogger in the photography community.
So any tips? What blogs are you following?
Kind regards.