Micro-Consoles becoming a trend?

If you don't know what a micro-console is, it's a small portable console that you can take anywhere because it's not big and bulky.

So right now, everyone's looking forward to the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Nobody else is really challenging these two (no other company/console, I mean). We still have Nintendo and it's Wii U, but that sales aren't so great and we don't know if they'll come out soon or in the next E3 with a new console. We also await for the upcoming

But while the two "Next Generation" consoles are battling it out with commercials, new exclusives, etc, the console business had a little change.

Micro-Consoles are a different story. They seem to be sleek, tiny rectangle-shaped consoles that have stylish (in my opinion) controllers and run downloadable games. Most run on Android. Some examples of released or upcoming micro-consoles are:

Ouya, made by Ouya Inc. (previously Boxer8)

Project Mojo, made by Mad Catz

GamePop, made by BlueStacks

GameStick, made by PlayJam

And now, companies like Evolution Controllers are developing and creating gaming controllers compatible with Bluetooth devices (so you can play your hardcore console-quality mobile games on your Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, Chromebook, etc. It even works with Oculus Rift!) and can hook your TV with your device. They practically consider that a console.

Now that I think about it, more better titles might come to micro-consoles. Yup, that's how big a trend I think they are. But maybe they're not a trend. Maybe they're here to stay. Games like Battlefield 4, KillZone: SF, CoD: Ghosts, & Drive Club might come to micro-consoles.

What's your opinion on micro-consoles?