Rant: Google Has Fallen in MSFT Ambush

MSFT trying to convert the average Windows PC users from desktop to metro (this is a long-term strategy).

MSFT tended to revoke/harass/abuse Google therefore Google is still not willing to build their apps for Metro (I think there're already some users have started to give Bing/IE another shot/try or favored Bing/Outlook/IE over theirs counterparts.

MSFT next step/second phase is to build Office apps for Metro (this happening soon).

Finally, MSFT is going to push to bring Visual Studio and Photoshop (will keep the heavy works for desktop) to the metro while shifting the processing power to the cloud (the apps would not 100% count/rely/depend on the power of your local processor).

Then when Google is going to decide to build their Metro apps, then I guess MSFT will treat them the same way Google treated them on WP8 YouTube app.

Do you think this is A possible scenario?