Who else here just gets bored?

As the title says, who else just gets bored? Not in general, but with a phones OS? I'm bringing this up because people seem to get very attached to their phones, or its software. We see it constantly in the comments section with people bickering about which is better, but why can't we enjoy both? Is there something wrong with just getting bored of one and switching to another?

I've been buying and switching phones for awhile now. I first started with an iPhone 3GS, then an iPhone 4, Nokia Lumia 900, HTC One X, Nexus 4, HTC One, and back to the HTC One X due to an unfortunate motorcycle accident that left my HTC One completely destroyed (I'm completely fine on the other hand).

After I switched to the Android scene I basically fell in love. I loved the versatility of the operating system, the freedom to customize, do what I want, etc. I loved the larger screens on my Android devices and never thought of going back to iOS. However, recently I've just grown somewhat bored of Android. This is not a topic about which OS is better because I freaking love Android. Rather, it's just that I've grown somewhat tired of using the same OS for so long. Yes I can customize the looks of my homescreen, but its UI is still familiar, the operation is still the same. For awhile I was switching hardware because it was exciting to get a new looking phone, but now the boredom has extended beyond the looks of the phone to it's actual software.

I've been heavily considering just buying an iPhone 5 off of Craigslist to use for a little. It's been awhile since I last used iOS and figured I might play with it for a bit. As much as I enjoy Android and the recent improvements with KitKat, I don't quite feel a strong desire to buy the Nexus 5. I think the phone looks fantastic, but it's still Android and I've been using it for so long now that there won't be anything shockingly different about how it functions. Hell, I've been pretty against iOS 7 in terms of it's design aesthetics, but I can't help but feel tempted to simply try it out. Shouldn't we want to use multiple devices to better educate ourselves with how they function? I think back on some of the things I said about iOS 7 and I wonder if they were actually justified. Had I used iOS 7 for any good period of time? Nope. I'd seen pictures and videos, but I never actually used it myself leaving me with a skewed opinion on the reality of the OS. I still have my hesitations of switching. Mainly I dislike that iPhones are apparent everywhere I look. I'm also not a huge fan of Apple as a company. I dislike some of their business practices and their buzzwordy presentations, but no company is perfect. With that in mind, a lot of my friends have iPhone's and that makes iMessage a very tempting feature to experience. Plus the amount of accessories for iPhone's are simply disgustingly superior to that of Android phones.

So I'm posting this here in Googleplex because I consider myself an Android user. Do any of you guys/girls simply get bored of Android and think of switching (or vice versa)? Have you? This topic may seem silly and even pointless, but I think it'd be cool if we just discussed the merits of switching devices to enjoy the features of both operating systems instead of bashing one or the other or if anyone else truly just gets bored. Even if we said, definitively, one OS is better than another, don't we just get bored and want to switch anyways?