Blogger attending CES 2014 needs advice

Good afternoon! First time attendee of CES 2014 this year and I was wondering if any veteran tech bloggers were able to offer any quick and dirty advice to my small time blog ( and staff at the event in January!
I don't have the fancy setups available to me like you Verge big dogs, and I may actually be a one man band at this convention (me, my MotoX, Chromebook, and a dated point and shoot). I'm also only attending 9/9-9/10.
I have a few questions below, but if you just have some off the cuff ideas for a CES virgin, I'd appreciate anything you have to offer.
1. Can I rely on CES to have WiFi? Outlets to charge? Do I have to fight tooth and nail for such things?
2. Is there free food? Caffeine? (For press?)
3. Any quick ways to deal with liveblogging via Wordpress? (plugins? apps?)
4. Recommendations on scheduling demos? How to meet influential people?
That's it.
I'm more going for the experience and networking that actual Internet hits, but I'd appreciate anything anyone has to offer
Best re-gadgets,