Android has changed

There was time, over 2 years ago I got my first android phone it was this:



It was decent phone at first, hell amazing as a matter of fact it was the my first smartphone. I experienced hours of Youtube videos and web searches. It was amazing. Then I realized I could have got a better phone at time if really paid attention. But it was alright then, the following February after this I came into my first all around good phone which was this:



Yeah thats a Droid Incredible 2. Then the best 3G phone you could buy on Verizon. Hell I carried it for months, during this time I found out about TheVerge and joined up on the site. Then come December 2012 to be exact I came into the best phone I ever had which was this:



I love this phone and probably always will. I wish that instead of the terrible (read: shitty) Droid Mini, Motorola could have just updated the Razr M internals and kept the removable storage. But thats in a perfect world, we now live in a state of go big or go home smartphone market.

I traveled to my local Verizon store today and got to play with non other than a Droid Maxx and guess what? It was too big for my hands. Believe me when I say I am no dainty flower I bench 230+ lbs. and squat 380 lbs. I have less than 25% body fat but I unfortunately have small hands, and Im short (around 5.5-5.6 ft). I thought I was going to get Note 3 maybe nope, required two hands to even use it. I love android its the platform I started on but there unfortunately now way I could handle 5 inch and greater screens. So now I`m stuck looking at the small phones on Verizon and I think you get where Im getting at.

I wish Android did not change so much but, I guess thats consequence of using android it changes constantly. I don`t know this new large form factor every android phone (except the Moto X and the HTC One) works for me. Im apprehensive of moving to a phone with no microsd card slot seeing as most of my media is not online its only backed up on 2 flash drives and 2 microsd cards. I don`t know what to do right now when I upgrade, what do guys think?