Google Play Newsstand Thoughts?



I wanted to start a little discussion here about the new app. I wanted to see what people liked and disliked about the app, any requests and cool things they may find.

I'm loving the new look and feel of the app. I just did a quick browse through the Explore feature and like it alot. I also like how posts have tags so that you can get stories on say, "drinks" (that happened to be the one I clicked on from a post about ice cubes being obsolete in Houzz). That lead me to an article on New York Daily News about a new program that pays alcoholics in beer to clean up. EDIT: You can also subscribe to these tags.

I also came across some info in a Droid-Live comment that said that there is a native podcast/audio feature where the audio will play in the background, and you can even leave the app. The notification player is just like the Play Music one, but will in-app, there player will be at the bottom a la PocketCasts.

That last thing brings to mind the lack of a nativ podcast player app/service/market from Google. Although I love PocketCasts, I would love to see some native support for this type of media from Google. This app could be perfect for it too. The audio function is there. They just need to add a directory for search for them, and possibly add the ability to get notifications for new episodes, and/or from certain podcasts.

One other feature to enhance podcasts and the app as a whole would be the ability to group sources into something like folders. Like, I would want to put all my Android related stuff in one folder, then all my sports-related podcasts and feeds into another, even sports mags like ESPN & SI too. This could be a killer one-stop shop for media of this sort.

What do you guys think?