Instagram's Release, A Disgrace to WP/MS Community

I have never asked for instagram and not a fan of it either. SO , I have all the rights to say that Instagram's release only Worsened the outlook of Windows Phone than better it.

How could Instagram even release, such an Important and Simple app, in BETA? they didn't do that to android as far as i remember. Rudy Huyn did that in a month!

No Video Recording. Seriously? You thought WP users would just be overwhelmed with the arrival of the app and so that you can ignore this feature for now.

and the Camera controversy. Well, I agree that WP has great Camera apps and so you did this, but you could allow an interface within the app too along with giving an option for other apps.

All this just shows, that Instagram is just being forced to release the app and that they are still not convinced to deploy resources for a smooth development of the app for windows phone.

Instagram's release only makes others feel, how inferior the support from devs is and how uninterested they are to release first class features for their apps on WP. You took so long to release an app and still couldn't put in your best!

It's such a disgrace to WP. Shows that Instagram just doesn't care about WP still.